Do I have a buddy?


The first thing I think of when I hear this word is a friend. If you are referring to Facebook, I have hundreds of friends. If you are referring to the number of “friends” I talk to on a daily basis then there’s only a handful. We throw around the word friendĀ so effortlessly and some days I feel like society has distorted what the word even means. Although I have found some gems that I get to call my best friends, it’s interesting to think about what a friend really is. I think it could be left up into interpretation. Anyone’s idea of a friend could be completely different than the next person’s. Which I guess makes sense because then you would naturally flock to people who had relatively the same definition of a friend that you have, which is why you get along so well because you’re looking for the same things. So in the end I guess this is another example of how everything happens for a reason.


The Real Reason

I was told to tell you why I made this blog but I don’t exactly have a reason. I was told to tell you what I am going to do with this blog but I honestly have no idea. There are tons of things that I am unsure of and this blog is one of them and I have decided that it is okay. My hope rests in that someone out there will read something that I say and relate to whatever I’m rambling on about. This one might be a little short but trust me, there’s definitely more to come.